A Final Call

Eliot Parker A Final Call, A Stacy Tavit Thriller by Eliot Parker .Or kneel on his neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds. OK, 4 stars for a good story, well put together, compellingly written and some great characters.  Lets get that over with. Well done Eliot Parker, nice book. This wasn’t what really intrigued me […]

Hag of the Hills

JTT Ryder Hag of the Hills: Book One of the Bronze Sword Cycles by JTT Ryder . “a man should die not too early or too late. A man who dies early never reaches his potential, while a man who dies late will become a mockery of himself.” “Even our gods can die”. Despite my […]

On the fate of disfigured women

Dead No More, by Pete Adams and Alejandro’s Lie by Bob van Laerhoven Both of the books I have read this week feature disfigured women. They are – let me make clear at the outset – very different books. Dead No More, by British author Pete Adams, is an eccentric and fanciful crime story, cut […]

Choice Cruise Lines

Jack Kregas . I gave this book to an elderly friend (I’m great on birthday presents – book about assisted dying? Just the ticket, happy birthday!) She told me off. She said it was a very depressing gift, this book about death.  Whatever was I thinking of? I felt aggrieved. Hadn’t she been giving me […]

Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja

Chris Roy Well this is a bit of a turn-up for the books! I’ve crossed paths with this delicious author a few times in my trek through the darker corners of storytelling.  Racy pacey fighting books, realistic crime with a suspiciously transgressive sense of justice, some decidedly dodgy horror stories.  So Ronin Cleans His Room […]

A Viva with Indy Perro…

Interview with the exceptionally talented author of “The Other Side of the Mirror”

Heart Fever

Bob van Laerhoven . Bob Van Laerhoven is a veritable Pied Piper, probably in the pay of the devil. His writing mesmerises.  He takes us by the hand, dances around us, amuses us even – such sharp, clever, dialogue, such captivating sentences.  Yet all the while, he is leading us away from safety, towards some […]

Nite Fire : Flash Point

C.L.Schneider . Well, one of my parents was a dragon, too, so I feel for Dahlia Nite: it is difficult living in the wrong dimension, and having to hide one’s scales and superpowers. One gets misunderstood. I also share her problem with compassion: it’s a curse. The need to save the world as well – […]

Captain Clive’s Dream World

Jon Bassoff . Review by De Gevallene Captain Clive’s Dreamworld – Jon Bassoff They will tell you this book is dark, and it is. OK, read it as a horror story if you like and thrill at that: it works well. Bassoff writes beautifully. He’s good at atmospherics. Read it as magical realism, as bizarro […]

The Plot Against Heaven

Mark Kirkbride The question going through my mind is…. Well why shouldn’t one do God and the Devil as opposing tin-pot dictators, being driven around in limos and buying up arms, each ruling over their own little territory?  Why should I be feeling (though I was feeling it!) that it’s not very plausible to do them in quite this […]


Damien Linnane “Can you imagine a world without men? No crime, and lots of fat happy women.” Nicole Hollander Here is a chilling book about male violence.  It is written by a man, though it offers as grim a depiction of the male psyche as any I have read from the most radical end of […]

Everyone is a Moon

Sawney Hatton . Everyone is a Moon – Strange Stories: Sawney Hatton, Dark Park Publishing Oh yes indeed, what very strange stories! So what can I say? The man can write.  (As my friends know, I am inclined to forgive the devil as long as he punctuates correctly, knows the exact moment to finish a […]

The Speed of Life

James Victor Jordan “OK, so you’re a rocket scientist. That don’t impress me much” (Shania Twain) “OK, so you’re a rocket scientist, a shaman, and a future Booker Winner. I guess I’m a little impressed” (De Gevallene) . The Speed of Life, James Victor Jordan, Turning Leaf Books I’m glad that I’m sufficiently bloody minded […]

Review: Crackle and Fire, Russ Colchamiro

Crackle and Fire, Russ Colchamiro, Crazy 8 Press This very readable little book is billed as a science fiction detective story.  Ha! OK. Here’s the scenario.  For a long time the world (OK, the universe) has been reasonably led and controlled by a broadly benign oligarchy of rich and powerful beings, “The Minders”. These beings […]

Review: A Dying Wish (Razor, book 1)

A Dying Wish – Razor book one, by Henry Roi, paperback, e-book, audiobook (narrated by: Jamal West) You may in these pages have seen me refer to “boys’ books”, invariably, I have to confess, in a righteously dismissive tone.  I mean to refer to books whose gratification comes from fighting and motor vehicles and weapons and […]

Lex H Jones comes to call…

Interview with the exceptionally talented author of “The Other Side of the Mirror”


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