Review: A Twist of Karma

By Wendy Waller

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Reviewed by De Gevallene, January 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I am awarding every one of these stars for the quality of the writing. 

I do not usually work like this, but the writing is exceptional and if this author were to write a book giving me instructions on how to use the California telephone system I would probably feel compelled to read it, and I would enjoy it pretty well.  I am tempted to replace this review just with a selection of nicely crafted quotes, which you, my reader, could enjoy rather more. But why should you have that pleasure without buying the book? Behave! Go and buy a copy. 

I took away a star from the possible five because, although the plot engages I felt it was rather a case of “this pudding lacks a theme”.  Now I don’t mind cross-genre or out-of-genre, but this book felt rather to me as if it were hoping to get its fingers into just about every genre, without quite settling down to any of them.  Is it literary fiction about grief and bereavement? A romance?  A thinly disguised religious tract hoping to convert me to Buddhism?  A paranormal thriller?  A whodunnit? A clever ghost story?  It’s always canny not to put all your eggs in one basket, but I’m worried that apart from people who get mesmerized by a lovely turn of phrase (who will be happy all the way through)  it may attract a lot of readers who know what genre they like, and who feel a little peeved that “their” bits are padded out with such a lot of other stuff.

On the other hand, it will be good for them. Like travel, and Buddhism, and unexpected art works, reading out of one’s genre broadens the mind, so maybe I’m just being mean to take away that final star. (Yes. I know. I’ll pay for that later.)

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This review was conducted as part of a Blackthorn’s Book Tour. I purchased my own copy. This is my honest review.