Review: Ark of the Apocalypse by TobinMarks

Reviewed by De Gevallene, October 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I’ve recently been reading books about Jewish families before and after the Holocaust – the end of a world, brought about by the wickedness of many, the deliberate blindness of others, the cruelty of politics. A slow build journey from complacence to nightmare, followed by a diaspora, a struggle to go on surviving, generation to generation, somewhere, anywhere… and even then, more tragedy, more struggle. I was strangely reminded of that, as I read this long, weighty, prophetic book about the end of the world and a diaspora and a struggle to survive, generation to generation, somewhere, anywhere.

It’s a brave ambitious book, taking in many centuries of past and present and future, many generations . It’s impressive, as people fleet in and out of the narrative, that Marks makes you care about them. It’s also impressive how he makes the story bearable, through his remarkable blending of genres – science fact, science fiction, political drama, family drama, history, fantasy, reality. It’s a slow burn of a book: you have to commit to it (nothing wrong with that!) I’m glad I read it. It’s a seriously worthwhile, haunting sort of book that will stay with you and help you to see the world through slightly different eyes. Yes. We are all of us in the midst of a long, slow burn journey from complacence to nightmare, whether we realise it or not. Our diaspora may not be so successful.

The book is supposedly the first of a series, though surely the author must be exhausted now… he should take a break, somewhere, anywhere…. the future will come soon enough.

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