Review: Five Peso Badge, James Vaughan

Masterful book. You will want it to be the first in a series…

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Reviewed March 2019 by CR

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a cleverly written, intricately crafted novel which follows Texas Ranger, Emmett Capps, as he investigates a series of deaths whose linkage is unclear.

The narrative is complex and delivered in a compelling voice that never wavers. The central character is a rounded, troubled, flawed and completely engaging figure whose presence takes the reader by the hand, even while the dark narrative of the novel grips them firmly by the throat. All the characters – however briefly encountered – have a three-dimensional quality, and the more challenging ones, including the killer, have a psychological truth that makes them troublingly difficult to forget.

This is a fast paced story in the “gun-toting cop” genre; readers of this genre will enjoy it immensely and will hope that it is the first in a series. But it is also a book that deserves a wider readership amongst crime enthusiasts, for the elegance of the writing and the razor sharp psychological detail.


Rating: 5 out of 5.