Review: Quantum Physics for Hippies, Lucas Neuermier

This brief, gentle, witty, clever book does “exactly what it says on the can”, so if you are or ever were a hippy, go and buy it right now: you will be able to enjoy an evening of life-affirming, mind-bending ‘wow’ for less than the cost of some dodgy chemicals.

Alternatively, if you’re NOT a hippy, go and buy it anyway – it will answer questions that you never knew existed, and you will come away from it having laughed, marvelled, and opened your mind to things you always thought you could never understand. (Unless, of course, you are someone who has absolutely no curiosity about what reality is made of. If you are that incurious person, take a strong coffee and try to think of a more wakeful you who does have some curiosity. Quite possibly that more curious ‘you’ does actually exist in some parallel universe. They ought to buy this book.)

Written in the format of a long conversation between an accidentally-curious hippy and a curiously-sexy-even-if-rather-frumpy scientist, and with a glorious twist at the end, this is an instantly engaging book, whose many ‘asides’ made me laugh out loud. At the same time (making my laughter seem much more worthy) it also provided a compelling introduction to some of the (head-spinningly astonishing) ideas of quantum physics. Not patronising, not intimidating, just sharing the excitement of ideas that fall almost out of reach, beyond our tiny horizon.

OK. I admit it. I loved this book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.