Review: She Ran Away From Love, Mawson

Let’s hope your toddler loves this book too...

Link to: She Ran Away from Love – Mawson

Reviewed October 2019

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There’s a stage in young children’s lives when they want the same book every night, sometimes several times. (Later, when you’re old and your kids are grown, you remember these books with deep and sentimental affection, and wrap their battered remains in tissue paper, remembering sweet times past – but at the time, harrassed, exhausted, and a tiny bit (dare I say it?) bored, you just wish your child would move on – preferably to Booker prize winners or at least Cosmopolitan magazine – because it feels like your head will explode if you have to read THAT BOOK even one more time.)

‘She Ran Away From Love’ may help. Try to wean your cherub onto this charming (if rather strange) little tome. There is plenty there to engage a little one and they can learn the words by heart (like they do) and you can point out all the interesting things in the pictures (like you do) and start back at the beginning every time when they say “Again” (big sigh, but you do it anyway).

But be happy because there’s also lots there for YOU. A puzzling, oneiric story; a challenging message that you might not spot till later, when your nest is empty; some philosophical truths and questions; some humour that your child won’t get, (so you can feel, for a moment, superior – enjoy it: it won’t last). The pictures are beautiful. The words – there are not too many – are perfectly judged.

Buy this book for your children if they’re little. Or if you’re a grandparent…. still buy this book for your children. It might help them.

Rating: 5 out of 5.